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What’s next? Arles 2011

What’s next? Arles 2011

How can one answer the question “What’s next?” by only looking into the future?

We, a group of seven students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, have investigated the situation of contemporary photography and located six trends, or categories, which seem characteristic and successful today. We consider them the new conventions. Is there a formula? To test this, we created a set of instructions for each category and followed them. Can this method lead to an authentic result? And what happens when a formula is deprived of a clearly defined author? This category project is a reflection on the photographic trends that surround us. But perhaps more importantly, it is a way to liberate ourselves from conventions once and for all.


Category #1 Still Life

In Still Life we are looking at the forms, colors and other elements which are present in this field of photography.

Category #2 Portraits
We assumed a certain amount of instructions to follow to get a specific look for the portrait. Every step was instructed, from the choice of model to the technical details.

Category #3 Nude shoot
Thinking about the Nude in photography we assumed the actually presence of the naked body is essential to create the image.


Category #4 Collage Collage has succeeded in taking a relevant spot in photography. Exploring this category we found certain elements which were re-appearing. We filled a generator with these elements which randomly creates an image.

Category #5 Typology
Hochsitz is referring to photographers who are working with topography and typology  in their photographic practice. By orchestrating our own interaction with the new surrounding and leaving a permanent mark in Arles we  explore the relation between archetype and personal investment in the object. This marks the essence of the photographs in this particular genre.

Category #6 Text
“On photography?” corresponds with “On photography” by Susan Sontag. We are reacting on a theoretical aspect in photography which has become more present today.


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