News: Graduation show 2013


Jonas Lund

650-Jonas-Lund_001 650-Jonas-Lund_007

Gael Paccard

650-Gael-Paccard_004 650-Gael-Paccard_006

Anika Schwarzlose


Janneke Van Leeuwen

Expanding-Room-#1 Darkroom#2 Darkroom#1 Cable-Room-#5 Cable-Room-#4 Cable-Room-#3 Cable-Room-#2 Cable-Room-#1 Bonding-Room-#4 Bonding-Room-#3 Bonding-Room-#2

Ine Lamers


Paul Kooiker

fotografie-werkplaats fotografie

Jeroen ter Welle

650-Jeroen-Ter-Welle_002 650-Jeroen-Ter-Welle_003

Simon Vansnick


Johannes Schwartz


Noël Loozen

650-Nool-Loozen_001 650-Nool-Loozen_004 650-Nool-Loozen_006

Caroline Van Pagee


Franek Cieslak


Mariska Kok


Fanny Kriek


Matthias Tharang


Idan Shilon


Mirte Slaats

650-Mirte-Slaats_003 650-Mirte-Slaats_005 650-MirteSlaats

Blommers & Schumm

fotografie-werkplaats fotografie

Arnoud Holleman


Frido Troost

fotografie-werkplaats fotografie

Merel Bem


Leo Divendal

fotografie-werkplaats fotografie

Nickel van Duijvenboden


Alon Levin

fotografie-werkplaats fotografie

Anna de Jong

650-Anna_de_Jong_001 650-Anna_de_Jong_002 650-Anna_de_Jong_003 650-Anna_de_Jong_004 650-Anna_de_Jong_005

Anne Huijnen

650-Anne_Huijnen_001 650-Anne_Huijnen_002 650-Anne_Huijnen_003 650-Anne_Huijnen_004 650-Anne_Huijnen_007

Fleur van Dodewaard



Hrair Sarkissian

650-Hrair_Sarkissian_001 650-Hrair_Sarkissian_002 650-Hrair_Sarkissian_003

Iris Pouw


Isabelle Wenzel

650-Isabelle_Wenzel_001 650-Isabelle_Wenzel_002 650-Isabelle_Wenzel_006 650-Isabelle_Wenzel_007

Thekla Ahrens






Suzanne Posthumus

650-Suzanne_Posthumus_001 650-Suzanne_Posthumus_003

Nadine Watson

16_1 16_2 16_3

Katerina Hruskova

650-Katerina_Hruskova_002 650-Katerina_Hruskova_005

Liam Tickner

650-Liam_Tickner_002 650-Liam_Tickner_001

Dagmar van Wersch

1.Amsterdam_Public_Library DagmarvanWesrschnew6web DagmarvanWerschnew3web DagmarvanWerschnew2web DagmarvanWerschnew1web 4.Maastricht_Public_Library 3.Heerlen_Public_Library 2.Gerrit_Rietveld_Academie_Library_Amsterdam

Kamila Stehlíková

650- Kamila_Stehlikova2 650- Kamila_Stehlikova1

Dietmar Gunne

astana-6 astana-7 astana-3 astana-1

Lotte Reimann

me_on_car motorcycle mother_and_me

Lena Hesse

650- Lena_Hesse1 650- Lena_Hesse4 650- Lena_Hesse6

Hristina Tasheva

htasheva_i love you! 03 htasheva_i_love_you! 01htasheva_flowers_05htasheva_apartment111_002htasheva_apartment111_016htasheva_apartment111_013htasheva_apartment111_012htasheva_apartment111_011htasheva_apartment111_010htasheva_apartment111_009htasheva_apartment111_006htasheva_apartment111_005htasheva_apartment111_004htasheva_apartment111_003

Irene O’Callaghan

Irene Ocallaghan3 Irene Ocallaghan4 Irene Ocallaghan5

Ola Lanko

1  2 _MG_5841 _MG_5831

Katja Scharkowski

KatjaScharkowski3 KatjaScharkowski4 KatjaScharkowski5 KatjaScharkowski6 650-KatjaScharkowski1 650-KatjaScharkowski2

Leonie Linotte


Leontien Prenger


Sara Glahn

MG_3375_redi-e1399977613314 MG_3327web-e1399977645762 Sara_Glahn6-e1399983540375

Wolf Mulder

650- Wolf_Mulder2 650- Wolf_Mulder3 650- Wolf_Mulder4 650- Wolf_Mulder5 650- Wolf_Mulder6 650- Wolf_Mulder1

Lorelei Heyligers

graduation_friday-february-18th-2011 graduation_monday-january-31st-2011 graduation_saturday-march-26th-2011 graduation_sunday-march-6th-2011 graduation_tuesday-march-29th-2011

Mels van der Mede

mels van der mede3 mels van der mede5 mels van der mede6 650-mels van der mede2 mels van der mede1 mels van der mede4

Sonia de Jager

soniadejager31 soniadejager11 soniadejager21 soniadejager51



Sophie Jung

650-sophie jung3 sophie jung2

Koen Kleijn

fotografie fotografie-werkplaats

Ruth van Beek


Vincent Zedelius

fotografie fotografie-werkplaats

Martine Stig


Edward Clydesdale Thomson

fotografie fotografie-werkplaats

Daya Cahen


Elmer Driessen


Céline Manz

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.09.16 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.09.28 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.09.56

Annelot Meines

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.11.37 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.11.44 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.11.50 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.11.58 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.12.05

Roselien Beerten

650-_MG_9918_Rosalienbeerten_I 650-_MG_9920_Rosalienbeerten_II 650-_MG_9923_Rosalienbeerten_III 650-_MG_9931_Rosalienbeerten_IV


Lonneke de Groot

01 1b 05 22 35

Szilvia Sztankovits

Nr1 Nr21 Nr20 Nr19 Nr18 Nr17 Nr16 Nr15 Nr14 Nr13 Nr12 Nr11 Nr10 Nr9 Nr8 Nr7 Nr6 Nr5 Nr4 Nr3 Nr2

Konstantin Guz

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.32.17 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.32.38 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.32.48 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.33.03 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.33.21

Conrad Bosshard

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.34.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.33.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.33.53 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.34.08 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.34.36 PM

Oreo Jung Min Cho

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.35.36 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.35.49 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.36.13 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.36.55 Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 21.37.03

Naoyuki Hata

15_mg0023 15_mg0035 15_mg0991 15_mg8128 16_mg3351b1 16_mg4424

Sonia Kazovsky

600-DSC_9338 600-DSC_9341

Lilia Luganskaia

14a-1706x12801384292_10200537597911400_1152845477_n IMG_2533-1920x1280 IMG_2537-1920x128012

Mylou Oord


IMG_5184-copy3 IMG_6455 650-DSC_9381650-DSC_9373 

Arthur Perdijk

De Wereld_A Perdijk-1 Filth_A Perdijk-8 Filth_A Perdijk-7 Filth_A Perdijk-6 Filth_A Perdijk-5 Filth_A Perdijk-4 Filth_A Perdijk-3 Filth_A Perdijk-2 Filth_A Perdijk-1 De Wereld_A Perdijk-2

Jannemarein Renout

JR_web_S_201JR_web_S_010 JR_web_S_011  JR_web_S_155 JR_web_S_191

Erika Roux

650-DSC_9315650-DSC_9311 650-DSC_9450

Kelly Salemink

650-kelly_salemink_ALR_0002  650-kelly_salemink_ALR_0004650-kelly_salemink_ALR_0003


Cheryl Schurgers

cherylschurgers0004 cherylschurgers0007 cherylschurgers0008 cherylschurgers0017 cherylschurgers0018

Giulia Shah

GiuliaShah_Landscape4_2014 GiuliaShah_Landscape3_2014GiuliaShah_stills03_2014 GiuliaShah_stills06_2014 GiuliaShah_stills07_2014

Lisa-Marie Vlietstra

web-(900)-bottom-half-david-pohotoshop-2---4-differenttumblr_inline_n82uk2iIrt1sitebd tumblr_inline_n82uxaTgHN1sitebd

web (900) david-pohotoshop-2---4-different-top-half tumblr_inline_n82uyqBGl61sitebd

Roza van der Wal

example project 1 example project 3example project 2

Abel Minnée

PAPEGAAIwebfotopapier2eevaunfoldedbackdropwithtable600px exgirlfriend

Cem Demirci

untitled-1printuntitled-1a mamamammaa  20120216_9683beijmer

Maria Gracia Ogliastri


Berend Otto

Panorama_3650-_MG_9849_Berendotto_I 650-_MG_9872_Berendotto_IV 650-_MG_9858_Berendotto_II

Kyle Tryhorn

 650-_MG_0696_Kyletryhorn_I 650-_MG_9999_Kyletryhorn_V 650-_MG_9997_Kyletryhorn_IV 650-_MG_0702_Kyletryhorn_III 650-_MG_0699_Kyletryhorn_II

Tom Lore De Jong

pyramideafour5 blok2

Annaleen Louwes

fotografie fotografie-werkplaats

Mieke Woestenburg


Koen Hauser


Tania Theodorou


Lotte Fondse

650-Lotte_Fondse_RV_lres 650-Lotte_Fondse_RV_lres_2 650-Lotte_Fondse_RV_lres_1

Marnix van Uum

650-Marnix_van_Uum_RV_lres 650-Marnix_van_Uum_RV_lres_4 650-Marnix_van_Uum_RV_lres_3 650-Marnix_van_Uum_RV_lres_2 650-Marnix_van_Uum_RV_lres_1

Anne-Laure Ruffin

650-Anne-Laure_Ruffin_RV_lres 650-Anne-Laure_Ruffin_RV_lres_3 650-al2

Jessie Gong

650-_MG_3702 650-001 650-_MG_3714 650-_MG_3713 650-_MG_3710

Lili Tegtmeyer

650-Lily Tegtmeyer_RV_lres 650-Lily Tegtmeyer_RV_lres_2 650-Lily Tegtmeyer_RV_lres_1

Ugne Straigyte

650-Ugne_Straigyte_RV_lres_1 650-Ugne_Straigyte_RV_lres 650-Ugne_Straigyte_RV_lres_3 650-Ugne_Straigyte_RV_lres_2

Noel Wilneder

650-Noel_Wilneder_RV_lres 650-Noel_Wilneder_RV_lres_1

Jet Sennema

650-Jet_Sennema_RV_lres2 650-Jet_Sennema_RV_lres 650-Jet_Sennema_RV_lres_1

Edith Diederiks

650-Edith_Diederiks_RV_lres 650-Edith_Diederiks_RV_lres_1

Franziska Schulz

650-Franziska_Schulz_RV_lres_4 650-Franziska_Schulz_RV_lres_3 650-Franziska_Schulz_RV_lres_2 650-Franziska_Schulz_RV_lres_1

The Department


Photography at the Rietveld

The Photography Department of the Rietveld Academie offers a course that focuses on the formation
of an autonomous practice within the field. We aim to formulate an on-going critique towards the medium and strive to challenge its properties, technically, conceptually and theoretically. Photography in that sense works as a catalyst of the working process, as well as the subject of observation and investigation. The rapid development of photography within a digitized and connected world, it’s ambiguous status within the art world, it’s power and weakness in the social communities, it’s political significance and consequence within society at large; it’s proliferation and abundance in (digital) archives, it’s making and editing…
-In short: all possible relevancies that determine the purpose and meaning of photography now and
in the future are being investigated. Photography becomes the subject matter and the tool at once.
The main focus lies on the individual development of each student, -with differing points of departure,
varying interests and focus, but a collective effort to push photography and oneself to the extreme.


How to apply

Would you like to study at the Photography Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie? This is possible after successful participation in our selection procedure. During our selection procedure the Rietveld Academie will assess your aptitude for our program. Visit our website to read more about the requirements, admission procedure.



Gerrit Rietveld Academy: